abraham mcnally 8

Do you have any idea how many artists work in the Gowanus Canal area? 150, according to the Annual Gowanus Artists Studio Tour (A.G.A.S.T.), which I visited last weekend (although there must be even more). I spent three hours wandering in and out of artists’ studios at 94 9th Street — only one of 28 venues where artists work near the canal.

The awkward thing about studio tours is that you never know until you venture into the close quarters of the studio, with the artist hovering nearby, how you will respond to the work.  How are some highlights of the work that I liked.

I don’t know what Abraham McNally’s art is all about, but I like it’s elemental nature. That’s his print, above.

agast open studios 001

agast open studios 002

This mirror-edged pile of firewood, snapped in his studio, has taken on different forms in previous work:

abraham mcnally 1

Raw nature meets human artifice in the way he combines materials, like hay and constructed wood:  

abraham mcnally 2

And stone and maple veneer:

abraham mcnally 3

The two meet again in his drawings and prints:

abraham mcnally 6

abraham mcnally 7

Brian Adam Douglas has carved a reputation as a street artist, aka Elbow Toe. Locals may recognize some of his images from the streets around Brooklyn.

elbowtoe 6
elbowtoe 5
The public got a peek into his studio, where he displayed floor-to-ceiling woodcuts that he uses to make his incredibly detailed prints, and a series of twisted takes on popular stories that he sold for $30 a pop – a real steal!

elbowtoe 3

elbowtoe 4

elbowtoe 8

Douglas just launched an online store on his website, and some of his prints are also available on etsy.

Lauren Collings makes vibrant, flat paintings that remind me of David Hockney’s work.

lauren collings 1
lauren collings 2

Collings displayed some studies and smaller works:

agast open studios 004

I am developing a bit of a thing for the top piece in the above photo.


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