My cousin Nate eating macaroni, Bedford, NY.


latest pics 060

Carved yellow pages by Long-Bin Chen, Tribeca.



Church of St. George, Lalibella, Ethiopia.


Cardboard boxes, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Cardboard boxes, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.



Under the ‘L’ train, Chicago.


Cape Toen Feb 2009 112

Buttermilk and feta rolls, Neigbour Goods Market, Cape Town.


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Birch trees, Brooklyn Heights.


Maker’s Market at Socrates Sculpture Park

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The humidity and mud did nothing to diminish the pull of the Maker’s Market in Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Queens this weekend. There were three tents chock full of a fantastic variety of furniture, glassware, ceramics, jewellery, textiles and art curated by R20th Century, America Craft magazine, the Isamu Noguchi Museum and ReadyMade Design.

I admit: I was overwhelmed. I got triggerhappy with the old camera, which died on me four booths from the end. Here’s what I saw, sans commentary. 

From R 20th Century, glassware by Jeff Zimmerman, robot figures by Rusti D. (Deimos), and soft scultpure toys by Renate Müller:

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Hope Ginsburg/Sponge (that’s her talking to the lady with the psychedelic blouse):

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Esque Studio:

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 Produce Design:

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 Jewelry by Eric Silva:

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 Spring Gallery:

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 latest pics 136

 Sanam Emami:

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 Thaddeus Wolfe Glass:

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Elyse Allen Textiles:

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I think my most favorite thing was the stool by Hivemindesign. It is made from reclaimed and salvaged wood and the elements can be taken apart and stacked any way you want.

What was yours?

Storm, Friday night

brooklyn storm 001

I rushed outside soon after the intense downpour on Friday night, when the sunset cast an eerie yellow light and the clouds were shaped like scoops of ice cream. But what I got were these strange photos that look like Armageddon on Cranberry Street.

brooklyn storm 003

The camera intensified the reds in the sky – it really didn’t look like this at all.

brooklyn storm 008

A couple of blocks away, the Brooklyn Heights promenade gave a more dramatic view of the clouds.

brooklyn storm 011

brooklyn storm 015

What Am I Doing in Brooklyn?

At the risk of sounding traitorous – and perhaps even insane in a blog devoted to the glories of life in Brooklyn – I sometimes dream of abandoning my pre-war studio in Brooklyn for this:

rudolph florida house view of front yard

There is just the small obstacle of some $1.1 million. That’s the price tag for the David and Elene Cohen residence, designed by Paul Rudolph and built in 1955 in Sarasota, Florida, which is advertized for sale on the Paul Rudolph Foundation website.   

rudolph florida house view of living room



I love the light-filled interior and all that warm wood. Not to mention the flow of space from indoor to outdoor. Sigh.

rudolph florida house

rudolph florida house 2 view frm inner court

rudolph florida house 1

Apparently this house was designed for Sarasota’s mayor. The listing taunts us with descriptions of “terrazzo floors throughout, cedar-lined walk-in closets, built-in furnishings, restored to Rudolph’s design and more.” Plus it has it’s own dock.

You can see more photos here.

Hubba hubba, tribal necklace

It has nothing to do with Brooklyn but I couldn’t resist posting this photo of a choker by kjoo that I have fallen in love with on etsy:



I want.

Rodney Trice in Time Out NY

I just spotted this amazing Noguchi-inspired lamp made by Rodney Trice out of an old fan cage in a recent issue of Time Out NY. You may remember I first  launched this blog with a post about Trice’s studio, T.O.M.T.


It’s amazing that something so elegant and crisp can be made out of salvaged junk.

In the Time Out piece, Trice explains how he repurposed the fan casing – read it here.

And since I wrote about him last November, Trice has gotten a lot of attention for his special brand of “object recovery and reassignment.” Time magazine included him in its Green Design issue.

Way to go, Rodney!

IKEA PS Collection (by way of my Memorial Day Weekend)

End of the long-weekend blues, despite this romantic entry into NYC from a trip to Boston, NH and Maine:

need to organize 122

need to organize 123

need to organize 127

It was my first trip to New England, including Boston (after eight years in the US!).  These flowers at the Boston Commons…

need to organize 107

reminded me of …

need to organize 049

these IKEA PS Collection lights at the ICFF.

Now, listen up all ye Brooklynites: starting August 1 the 2009 PS Collection goes on sale at the IKEA in Red Hook, among other branches. I know what I am eyeing (lips sealed) but here is a glimpse of the range:

need to organize 077

need to organize 082

need to organize 079

need to organize 081

need to organize 084

need to organize 085

need to organize 088

You can see more of the collection on IKEA’s British site. See you August 1!